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I was born on 9 August 1980 in Wynberg, Cape Town. As a two year old we moved to Caledon where we lived for six years.

In 1985 I started my school career at the Pioneer School (School for the Blind) in Worcester where I stayed in the hostel for two and a half years. During 1988 my parents also relocated to Worcester where we are still residing today.

I sang in the junior and senior school choirs during my school career and recorded two CD’s with the senior choir. I matriculated in 1998.

After matriculating I completed my computer training (N6) and qualified as a computer programmer.

I served on the Executive Committee of Blind SA for three years. I also served on the governing body of the Institute for the blind in Worcester for 6 years.

I am also an avid chess player. During 1999 I accompanied the SA junior chess team to the Junior World Chess Championships for the Visually Impaired in Kortrijk, Belgium. In 2008 I won my first Braille SA chess championship, and in March 2013 I followed it up with another title.

In 1998 the Lord called upon me to serve Him fulltime. During that year I also recorded my first CD, Change Our Hearts, with Paul Drake. My first performance was on 14 February 1999 in Malmesbury. For a further three years I sang with Paul under the name the Gospel Boys. A further three CD’s saw the light during this time, namely You can make a Difference, Shout for Joy and I’m Free.    

The following two CD’s He Lifted Me and New Day I recorded with a lady. In 2006 my ministry headed in a new direction and I recorded my first solo album Don’t Give Up. After this my eighth CD is released Inspirit as well as my first DVD under the same title. The live recording of this DVD on 19 April 2008 is one of the highlights of my ministry.

In 2009 I take the big decision to start making my own music. The result of this being the release of the album “Kyk Met Jou Hart” in May 2010. In 2011 I recorded my 1st Christmas album called “Dis Kersfees”.

During October 2012 I released my eleventh album entitled “Geloof, Hoop & Liefde”.


There have already been over 1550 performances in different churches since the beginning of this ministry. These performances take place across South Africa.

A sermon or motivational speech is given, interspersed with singing, during these performances. The duration of these performances are adapted according to the needs of each particular activity.

The ministry also does charity work under the blind, elderly people and orphans. We are privileged to be able to sow in these golden fields of life.  

Contributions are made to worthy causes on a regular basis. It was also our privilege to take visually impaired people to Camp Higher Ground in Natal. An annual Christmas Function is held for the residents of the Institute for the Blind.

We are involved in outreach programs and gladly help with fundraisers. 

Over the last 2 or so years I’ve started making backing tracks for other artists. Because I have to rely on software only this is a time consuming process. I would like to use a musical keyboard to produce the tracks faster and then be able to ask less for them. I’m going to use a large portion of the proceeds to fund my projects for other blind people.